Gift of Fitness | How It Works

Gift of Fitness offers nutrition and wellness education, exercise classes, and unlimited health club access. In the near future, we plan to add health screenings as well. Area women living at or below 200% of the poverty level are eligible to apply.

3 Women walking together outdoorsPrograms are held at Venus Fitness, a secure, women’s-only fitness center, open 24/7 and located at 145 Sayton Road, Fox Lake, IL. Classes are scheduled at various times during the week. Please give us a call at (847) 973-3333, email at, or visit our BLOG for the most current class listings and times.

Gift of Fitness helps make it easier to get healthy, feel better and look better, because we’ve removed some of the hurdles.

    • Cost – The program is free.
    • Location – It’s close to home. While the program is open to all qualified residents of Lake and McHenry Counties, we focus our outreach to women living within 10 miles of the fitness center. That way participants won’t spend a lot of time or gas money getting there. We are conveniently close to the Fox Lake and Ingleside Metra stations as well as Route 12 and the Millennium Trail Bike Path.
    • Security – The facility features secure 24/7 access, meaning participants can work out safely at the times most convenient for them.
    • Choice – The program offers different types of exercise classes, and participants can choose the ones that are right for them.
    • Privacy – The program is confidential. No one except the Gift of Fitness staff knows which women have free memberships.

Participant Responsibilities

The goals of the program are for women to gain improved health and physical fitness, increased energy and a better understanding of good nutrition.

In order to meet these goals, Gift of Fitness has set minimum workout and class participation requirements. While these requirements are flexible, they are necessary to ensure success.

    • Fitness Center Use – We recommend 3 work out/week, although our clients can work out as often as they like. The minimum is 1 time/week. Attendance is automatically recorded by using a key card.
    • Exercise Classes – Participants can attend as many exercise classes as they like, but the minimum is 1 per month. If the client is unable to make a class at any of the scheduled times, she can set a time with our staff to have an individual workout class using a DVD from our large collection.

Refrigerator filled with healthy fruits and vegetables

    • Nutrition Classes – While nutrition classes will be offered monthly, the minimum attendance will be once every other month. If it is not possible for a participant to attend during the scheduled class time, she can schedule a one-on-one session with one of our staff.
    • Measuring Progress – While not all participants will need to lose weight, they will have their weight and or measurements recorded monthly.

Measurements are one way to demonstrate the difference the program is making. These records, along with health screening results and surveys, will also be used to evaluate program success.

The Gift of Fitness membership term is for one year and is renewable. However, if the participant’s income increases to a point where she no longer qualifies for the program, she is expected to inform us so that another person can use her membership slot. We request that participants sign an income verification form agreeing to this.

See our Do I Qualify? page for more details about the requirements for joining the program or the How To Apply page for the participant application form. If you have any other questions, please call us at (847) 973-3333.