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  • Image of vegetables and other ingredients for the Salvation Sisters salsa recipe. December 12, 2010.

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  • Image of women from Gift of Fitness as they go on a group walk. Yadira Sanchez Olson. “Women’s Walking Group Gets Moving.” Lake County Journal 31 July 2013: Community News section. Print.

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  • Sunrise silhouette of 10 women joining hands. Stock photo ID: 29242844. Contributor: Hannamariah.
  • Women doing yoga on mats in a studio. Stock photo ID: 43425229. Contributor: FurmanAnna.

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  • Mother and daughter grocery shopping for fresh fruit. Stock photo ID: 3915652. Contributor: monkeybusinessimages.
  • Woman praying for weight loss. Stock photo ID: 6879875. Contributor: hartphotograher.

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  • Diverse people overlapping hands in unity. Stock photo ID: 5849383. Contributor: Otna Ydur.

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  • 3 women power walking together outdoors. Stock photo ID: 44728762. Contributor: monkeybusinessimages.
  • Refrigerator filled with healthy food. Stock photo ID: 37880104. Contributor: olesiabilkei.

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  • Woman looking contemplatively out a window. Stock photo ID: 46777144. Contributor: Oleg Golovnev.

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  • Women balancing on stability balls in front of a mirror. Stock photo ID: 38770549. Contributor: holbox.
  • Fresh fruit and vegetables wrapped up with a tape measure. Stock photo ID: 37186303. Contributor: viperagp.

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  • Woman assisting another woman as she does sit-ups in a fitness club. Stock photo ID: 30986588. Contributor: CandyBox Images.

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  • Woman holding hand weights, standing in front of collage of healthy foods. Stock photo ID: 5178470. Contributor: Kurhan.

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  • Two people shaking hands in business agreement. Stock photo ID: 31257959. Contributor: .shock.

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